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An old tradition of creating an innovative drink to enjoy when friends got together has been passed down a few generations and has turned into our passion. At Scandinavian Wine & Spirits, we cherish the preservation of age old drink-traditions like Terwa and do our best to abide by the original recipe.


While history is important to us we continuously work on shocking each other with crazy ideas and interesting flavours as we strongly believe that 21st century drinkers deserve 21st century drinks as well.


Based in one of Finland’s medieval towns, Porvoo, it is only natural that we uphold the old and help in creating the future.   

Scandinavian Wine & Spirits Terwa Pine Tar Liqueur

Terwa, dry distilled tar from pine wood has been a staple in Nordic history since the Iron ages. Its uses ranged from protecting ship sails to healing ailments and is used to flavour food to this day. A Finnish proverb states that, “If Sauna, vodka and tar won’t help, the disease is fatal”.

Scandinavian Wine & Spirits is preserving a tradition by offering the flavour that is engraved in the Finnish people and loved by all. It’s unmistakable, it’s Terwa.


Terwa was awarded Finland Liqueur of the Year at the Berlin International Spirits Competition 2017.

Oh So Creamy

Oh! So Creamy, the reinvention of cream liqueurs to the 21st century and silver medalist at the Berlin International Spirits Competition 2017. Our fun and innovative series of cream liqueurs started when we decided to update a holiday favourite into a drink you can enjoy any time with the company of your loved ones.


Oh! So Creamy can be used in really delicious cocktails and desserts as well! We share all of our latest recipes and ideas on Instagram and Facebook so that anyone can impress their friends with one of our awesome treats. We would love it if you shared your recipes and Oh! So Creamy experiences with us as well!



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Oh! So Creamy - Banana Milkshake
Oh! So Creamy - Tiramisu
Cream liqueur peanutbutter and chocolate
Cream liqueur Strawberry Cheesecake
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Oak Series
Jussi 69

The liqueurs dark colour combined with the burn of chili packs this drink with rock attitude. The personality of this drink and its owner, rock legend Jussi 69 compliment each other perfectly. 

"There is just enough kick to this drink, not too much and not too little. This is an awesome addition to the beverage selections in my bar and around the world!"

-Jussi 69

Taste the darkness and rock on!

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